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With more than eleven years of experience delivering quality custom exhibition stands to valued customers, Arghavan still takes proud in each and every stand it designed over the years for events and Trade shows in Pakistan and Middle East Countries. By assembling a deeply qualified team of experts in every field of exhibits and event solutions production, our agency is constantly looking for the best talents in the industry to try and offer the best-suited promotion tools to each and every one of our clients. When customers trust us to deliver custom exhibition stands for their upcoming events, we pledge to give them a personalized, professional and budget-suited service so that they can be as proud of using our product as we were in designing and producing it.

  • 3D Rendering
  • Concept
  • Graphics
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Transport
  • Custom
  • Storage
  • Installation
  • Supervision
  • Services
  • Scenography
  • Illumination

Let Us Bring Your Branding Vision to Life!

One of the most important parts of our work is to fully understand your company values, specific cultural influences and organizational culture so that we can deliver the fully custom exhibition stand that will materialize each and every aspect of your company’s identity. Whatever project you may have in mind, we are deeply confident in our ability to exceed any of our competitor’s products. For Arghavan, work doesn’t stop at building promotion material for a client, we are determined to understand every aspect of this client’s company cultural identity in order to deliver an exhibition stand that best represents its organization and the products and services it offers.

Exhibits Stand Designs that Reach Your Specific Audience.

These days, business is more than ever before centered on customer experience. To be successful in this highly competitive environment, a «One size fits all» approach is bound to fail. That is why the Arghavan insists on providing a «unique custom design» approach that will allow your company to reach the specific audience you are targeting with your promotional and marketing efforts. Whatever the company, our experts will find the most efficient medium and the best strategy to get your message heard and known by potential audiences. Your goal shouldn’t only be to establish a connection, but to maintain a strong connection with potential customers, that will lead to a successful partnership for years to come. At Arghavan, we believe that a lucrative business partnership begins by a well thought and organized initial contact with potential buyers and our exhibition stands are a wonderful way to succeed in creating durable business connections during trade shows and other promotion events.

Our Event Friendly Displays will Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More!

Arghavan’s highly qualified design team is fully committed to producing perfect displays for your events. Our design professionals bring your projects to life by incorporating their unique perspective and mixed cultural origins into your events. Our work is quality-driven and our main focus remains to reach your customers in the most attractive way possible. This is why we use an integrated approach to design event displays that lean on brand building and aim at delivering tangible results, using the most appropriate medium available to create a strong connection with your customers. We also combine our different areas of expertise, namely landscape architecture, commercial and retail design, institutional design, hospitality design, mixed-use projects and scenography, in a way that is best suited to your context and industry. All-inclusive event displays are one of our specialties. Regardless of your products and your industry, we offer you event friendly displays at competitive prices. All our original event displays are created on-site, from conception to fabrication. Arghavan designs displays that are aligned with your market positioning, your needs, your budget, and your events. We provide full-service event displays that include installation and transportation to the location of your choice. Arghavan offers all-around support from the beginning to the end of the event. We pride ourselves in providing you with a stress free experience, and we will be there to assist you with any requests you may have throughout your events. Whether your event is set outdoors or under a tent, our design team will create original displays, such as podiums, posters, signs and graphics, which will make your event a memorable one.


When it comes to stand design, Arghavan has got you covered:

• We have access to top-of-the-art computer software that enables us to show you a graphic rendering of the product our experts will deliver before your stand goes into concrete production. That way, you know what to expect from an early point in your partnership with our team.
• Don’t hesitate to put our expert’s creativity to the test, they will put all of their expertise towards providing you with the right stand to represent everything you and your company stand for!
• Let us integrate parts of your global marketing and branding strategies in order to provide you with promotional material that is in synch with previous promotional efforts and consistent with the image you’ve been putting forward up until today.


Once conception is completed, you can count on our production team to bring ideas to life by using only the best materials in the industry:

• Only the finest materials will be used to conceive each and every piece necessary to your stand project. Thus, respecting our high standards of esthetics and durability.
• Any additional structure or printed material necessary to bring your project to life will be provided by our team of experts at no additional costs.


In today’s business world, logistics are the keys to success. At Arghavan, we fully understand that:

• Our team will pre-assemble all necessary parts before delivery so that assembly and installation on launch day is as fast and easy as possible.
• Prior to your event, your stand will be safely stored in our storage units.
• On launch day, your stand will be delivered early and on-site.


Once the big day has arrived, you can stay focused on business while we take care of installation:

• Fast and Convenient installation by our team on-site.
• Around the clock supervision of your stand so that we can provide quick assistance in last minute adjustments or any other problem you may encounter.
• Once installed our experts will also take care of lighting and scenography that will get your stand noticed and remembered by potential clients and business partners.

All in One Promotional Solutions at the Tips of Your Fingers.

Trade shows can be very stressful, that is why experts at Arghavan are putting fully customizable exhibition stands at your disposition. No need to worry about anything, our experts will take over each and every aspect from the conception of your design to its delivery within days of your big event. That way, you can fully concentrate on any other task necessary to put up an effective and successful presentation. Don’t worry; your project is in very good and capable hands. Every Arghavan stand comes fully customized, in addition to these other included services:

• Initial meetings to acknowledge any preferences you may have in the conception of your exhibition stand.
• Easily reachable experts that can keep you up to date on the progression of your projects and take note of any comments you may have prior to the production of your stand.
• Delivery and transportation on site prior to the launch of your event.
• Complete installation of your custom exhibition stand.
• Around the clock, all-around maintenance and troubleshooting services for the entire event length.

Flexibility, Reliability and Adaptability!

At Arghavan, We pride ourselves in providing a stress-free experience for our clients. We pledge to always be there to assist you with any requests you may have throughout our partnership. Limited budget? We also offer smaller fully customizable exhibition stands that will fit your needs and financial capabilities. For every company, there’s a particular stand, and for any particular stand, there’re Arghavan. Request a quote today so that we can begin working together towards the perfectly fit stand for any trade show, business convention or trade fair you may be looking forward to.

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