Imran Adnan

Imran Adnan is a Managing Partner & Director/Media of Arghavan. He began his career in journalism that spanned over a decade. He has experience of both print and electronic media, covered a vast range of subjects, from crime, politics to economy. He served in Daily Pakistan Today, Daily Times, The Sun International, The Elite News (a monthly magazine), The Post, City42 TV and NewsOne TV. Adnan has a remarkable insight; very early on when information technology was taking roots in Pakistan, he enhanced his IT abilities that he firmly believed would play a pivotal role in media related activities. He is IT wizard and always hunting ways to introduce innovative ideas in media presentation. He also acquired the skills of arranging capacity-building events during his stint as General Secretary of LEJA, an organisation of economic journalists. On numerous occasions, he organised capacity-building workshops for economic reporters.

With his media expertise, the company has produced a growing portfolio of innovative designs that have delighted a wide range of clients. Quick-witted and forward-looking, he helps guide the creative team to ensure that every event is a transformational experience. His IT vision, media & design experience provides a perfect exhibition solution.

Our work involves learning all about our client’s style and what they hope to achieve—and using our expertise and coordinated efforts to make the vision a reality. It’s one thing to ‘talk big,’ but we are dedicated to ‘doing big.


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