Qasir Z Khan

Qasir Z Khan is a Managing Partner & Creative Head of Arghavan. He is a professional Rising Artist from Lahore also working in Dubai. Having more then 14 year of experience in an Art World. He enjoy working with different mediums on canvas and paper; especially Oil Paint, Watercolors, Inks, Gouache, Pastels and Acrylic. He also enjoy experimenting with different forms of Art, such as Portraits, Landscapes, Compositions, Sketches and Illustrations. He served in Dubai International Art Center, Signé Magazine (AD Maiora Media) and Sharjah Art Foundation. He is a Multi-Talented Artist who excels in the field of technology and the expression of ideas. Including Miniature Painting, inspired by Master Mahmoud Farshchian, Apart from that He also produced Fresco Paintings, Interior Art, Assist in the direction of Short Advertising and other Media businesses.

He believe the designs we deliver should speak to the guests, involving them not only aesthetically, but also emotionally, experientially and sensorially. From proposals to on-site works, he sees a particular exhibition concept through from the drawing board to its creation and final effect, and is always amazed at the collective efforts put into each and every project. He draws his inspiration from art, design and modern world. He specializes in making sure that every aspect of each exhibition is perfectly executed. He manage the design team, the labor team, and coordinates all contact between exhibition venues and suppliers. His cool head under pressure and organizational skills make him an invaluable member of the Arghavan team. He dedicated to making sure that each exhibition runs smoothly, and He always ready to meet any last-minute request or need.

We can maximize the success of an exhibition’s design and satisfy our increasingly sophisticated clientele.

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