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Trade shows, commercial fairs, business conventions, these are all great opportunities to get your brand and the products and services it offers known to a larger public. But to make the best out of these events, you have to find a way to distinguish yourself from the herd: get noticed, visited and remembered long after the curtain call. This is why for the last fifteen years, we have been developing what we call the « Arghavan Experience »: a wide range of fully personalized exhibition services that allows you to fully rely on the deep and varied experience of our experts to make the best out of your involvement in any kind of promotional business event you may have scheduled in the near future.

1: Exhibition Services that Help You Bring the Essence of Your Brand to Life.

Other companies in the trade display business may offer you similar services but with the Arghavan, you are getting exactly what you are promised in the early stages of your partnership with our team of devoted and passionate experts of all fields in the exhibition services industry. From the very first meeting with our conception team, we will go to extended lengths to fully understand the true essence of your brand, the values and ideals it stands for and what it proposes to potential clients and business partners. For us at the Arghavan, no client deserves a generic and standardized service and that is why we pledge to offer what we call the «Arghavan Experience» to each and every one of our valued clients. We know that putting the success of an upcoming event is a big leap of faith for administrators of your company but we are deeply confident in our exhibition abilities and anywhere, anytime, we are up to the task of making you shine on your brightest at your upcoming commercial event!

2: The Science of Exhibition Services at the Benefit of Your Trade Show Display Booth.

Eleven years ago, founders of the Arghavan asked themselves: What makes perfection in the exhibition services business?
After many years and a huge number of partnerships with clients, we came up with a simple yet complex answer: make visitors of an event feel your brand rather than just visiting your exhibition booth and bringing home a pamphlet. That is why we offer a complete range of exhibition services that allows visitors of your trade-show booth to fully enter the universe of your company, to feel and live the essence of your brand!

3: What Makes Us Different from Other Companies Providing Exhibition Services?

Early on in our company’s development phase we asked ourselves this simple question!
How can we suggest to potential clients that we can make them stand out if we can’t even stand out from our own industry?
That is why we started imagining what would slowly become the «Arghavan Experience»!

4: Exhibition Service at Its Best With Arghavan.

Our strength in getting your message in front of the buyer is what sets us apart from other Companies. From developing the concepts to delivering the results, our team will analyze your project and examine your goals, then develop a winning implementation strategy that achieves the results you need – on time and on budget. The following services make us the complete source for all of your company’s creative communications needs:

  • Exhibition Stand Designs
  • Exhibition Stand Fabrication
  • Exhibition Display
  • Portable Exhibition Kit
  • Advertising Display
  • Kiosk Design
  • Retail Display
  • Wooden Platform
  • Advertising Display
  • Glass Platform with Lights
  • Display System
  • Acrylic Platform with Lights
  • Display Stand
  • Ply Wall with Colour
  • Folding Display System
  • Aero Bond Wall
  • Promotion Counter
  • Collapsible Backdrop
  • Portable Display
  • Conference Room Setup
  • Product Display Window / Unit
  • Branding Panel
  • Portable Kits
  • Popup System
  • Reception Counter from Wide Range
  • Fabricated Sculptural Elements
  • Pop-up Stand
  • Mural & Special Effects
  • Magnetic Pop-up
  • PVC, LED, Glass & ect.. Display Signage
  • Catalogue Stand
  • Vinyl / Flex Graphics Printing
  • Promotion Kiosk
  • Velcro Pop-up
  • Corporate Display
  • Flex Wall
  • Wooden False – Ceiling
  • Banner & Poster Stand
  • BTL Solutions
  • 3D Lettering / Light Boxes
  • Audio Visual System (Plasma, LED Screen, Sound & etc…)
  • Light Effects (Like LED / Parken /Spot Light & etc..)

We Promise that Every Time We Provide You with a Service, You Touch Quality, Value and Professionalism of the Highest Order.

What Our Key Factors.

Dedicated to service excellence

Arghavan is the industry leader in the fabrication and installation of just about any scale of custom built project, manufacture and install custom exhibits and displays.

Arghavan manufactures and installs custom designed exhibits for corporate clients. We offer highly customized Products and Services to our client based on their requirement and offer single point of contact for Exhibitions, Events, Display, Designing etc in one single roof. We have an upper hand in the market due to our vast experience and have created ballpark in the industries in various gamut of activities.

Manages all construction in-house, so as to ensure successful outcomes. Builds all projects to exacting and high quality Fabrication standards. Offers cost effective solutions to design issues at the quotation and construction stage.

We ensure the efficient use of materials and labour to maximize budget restrictions, whilst retaining quality…We fabricate using steel, aluminum and stainless steel to compliment your design and reflect your highest standards.

We undertake a broad range of finish detailing including laminating, veneering and spray-painting to complete your exhibit. Arghavan has extensive capabilities with speedy production times to meet important deadlines associated with the exhibition industry.

Exhibition Stands are designed considering all the nitty-gritty in the design process and offered exclusive design based on Products, Services, Brand Projection, Brand Visibility, Layout maximum utilization etc. We have created ball parks in Exhibition Industry and have extensive know-hows for stall constructions.

Irrespective of Industry, Product, Service line we are able to achieve an utmost concept to define highly effective design concepts. We offer a Single Source of contact for anything and everything in Exhibition & Display industry as to offer single point of contact for our Clients, enabling them to save time in planning entire exhibition.

We enable our clients to relax and handover entire project to us as for them to concentrate on their core objective. Our clients work with minimum pressure of exhibition execution due to our professional and turnkey services for their project. We create highly professional environment and minimum response time of our team enables them to keep communication standard very high.

Attention to detail and quality workmanship are fundamental attributes we apply to all jobs, big or small.

All work is undertaken by our trade experienced carpenters and cabinetmakers. We have undertaken projects at all major venues and exhibition centers throughout Pakistan and Middle East Countries.

Our logistics and project management team ensures that your exhibit’s delivery and installation happens on schedule and within our control.

Our labour Industry experienced Project Managers and site labour ensures timely and professional installation of all our projects. Arghavan provides services and staff to install, dismantle and store existing displays.

Our focus is only on the successful realization of your design and its timely construction and installation.

We Are

Dedicated to service excellence
Focused on personalized solutions
Committed to results for our customers

We Will

Partner with our customers
Listen and understand their goals
Enhance their brands
Earn their loyalty
And exceed their expectations.
It’s that simple!

Our Approach

At Arghavan, we approach things differently. Some might say we’re unconventional – we prefer to say we are innovative. Instead of thinking the conventional way, we rather think out of the box. We follow a tried & tested Approach – Keep it Simple, Stay on Target, Do it Right.

Produce original and effective solutions that exceed client expectations
Provide a wide range of expertise to simplify complex projects and produce measurable results for our clients
Approach every project with a unique perspective and attention to detail
Provide clients with a unique approach, specialized expertise, and quick turnaround on each project
Deliver world-class performance while retaining the flexibility, scalability and close communication of a small company
Continually enhance and expand our capabilities to ensure providing an incomparable mix of creative services

Through our brand building process, we pull from every angle to find out what makes you unique and what makes your prospects tick.
Then we apply our findings to your project.
Whether it’s a design, a fabrication, a artwork design or a branding, we create impacts that leave a long lasting mark.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to providing 100% Customer Satisfaction. We guarantee to work with you in every way possible to ensure your satisfaction and to fulfill every aspect of our promise to you so that you are 100% satisfied with the final project. We guarantee that at no time will you be billed for additional work unless you have specifically requested additional work to be performed and you have pre-approved this charge in writing.

Where are We?

WE At Our Best!

We are present in International Market with fabrication setups in Pakistan and Middle East Countries. Offering our extensive and highly professional services at Global Expos. We are the most trusted names in the Industry and are backed by our vast experience in the field.

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