Arghavan has a comprehensive range of lightweight modular exhibition stands which are easy to carry, can be assembled in a jiffy and are made to last for a very long time, saving you money for years to come. All crucial parts are replaceable and each stand is flexible enough to be reconfigured into several different sizes and layouts, depending on the space available. We make modular exhibition stands which are all made from aluminum and are very light, they are also designed to easily join together to form various structures, they can be combined to give completely custom looking exhibition stands but which can be re -used and are easy to transport. Designed for tool free built, not only are they environment friendly, but also give handsome return on investments. Our modular exhibition stands are designed with a completely professional look that helps you get a unique exhibition stand that stands apart from the crowd. The pre-engineered parts of our conveniently designed modular exhibition stands helps you get an enhanced exhibiting experience.

Creating Perfect Exhibition Stands, One Stop Solution for Design & Build!

Trade Industries

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